A charismatic commentator, partners with the Dyrone. To be found in Dray Dray's Reign video. An excellent commentator and a great talker. He talks over the video with his commentary and listens so attentively to his partner Dyrone, who is actually a secondary personality of Bobby Tortilla, who collectively freaks out when Warwick is killed by Dunk for the Dunder Fmalingo Spaghetti Kill.

Little do either know that they are dead.

  • 1. Bobby tortilla is not an actual tortilla
  • 2. boby Totrila is not named bobby in real life.
  • 4. Dyrone once ate Bobby Tortilla's wife's aunt's little sister's (essentially his wife's sister, but the she was the only aunt little sister.) tortillas on Cinco de Mayo celebration of 2012.
  • A new champion in league coming out is El Chupame - supreme Taco King.
  • Call it a hunch, but 6. this is not realy about the bobby Tortila .
  • Now this is called the balls cak.
  • 3. Plese dont' sue me for CopyRight infringement.