League of Legends Behind the Dunk

League of Legends Behind the Dunk


"I guess you must've been BEHIND THE DUNK."

"League of Legends: Behind the Dunk" is a VideoGameDunkey video released on September 19, 2012. The video has over 540,000 hits and over 10,000 likes. The video is more of a satirical behind-the-scenes look at Jason Gastrow's video-making than it is a League of Legends video.


Dunkey starts the video with his back to the screen. He suddenly turns around, greets the camera, and says he didn't see the viewer. He guesses they must've been "behind the Dunk" and gets into a laid-back pose. The frame then freezes, turns into black-and-white, and shows "Behind the Dunk" written in white-hued pink letters as an 8-bit version of the theme song for The Price Is Right plays.

Dunkey narrates that all the time he gets comments asking how he makes his great videos, and he replies that sometimes he doesn't even know. He says that it begins with "the idea process" as he is shown reading The Great Gatsby. Dunkey says that he spends time writing down a few phrases as he is shown writing down quotes like "not even close baby" on cardboard with a black Sharpie, to get a general grasp of what kind of video he is planning to make.

He then shows his camera work: a small purple camera on top of a 7-Up can. He points the camera towards the screen (which is showing League of Legends) to capture the "1040px megapixel bits/cannon" resolution. Dunkey then puts on his "special headset recorder" (which is a headset and several headphones), and he is seen silently speaking to a studio microphone as the logos for Dolby Digital and THX are shown on the screen. 

Dunkey then brings in the video footage into "the latest Windows Movie Maker" and starts editing "that son of a gun" and hits the AutoMovie button. Sometimes Dunkey has writer's block when it comes to his videos, so he visits another YouTuber named GamerDucky1 (and we then see Dunkey's videos in Russian), take his videos, and redub them in English to upload to his channel. Before he uploads he uses MS Paint to make poorly-drawn video thumbnails, which he says he puts a lot of work into.

He then shows the finished product, which starts off with a poorly animated WMM intro as an Autotuned song plays in the background. LoL footage is then shown using poor transitions and special effects, all while a dance remix of Dunkey and several chickens plays. 

Traditional WMM credits roll as Dunkey sings "Subscribe for more videos, but in the end it doesn't even matter, I fought the game, but I lost the war" to the tune of Linkin Park's "In the End".


  • When Dunkey first begins narrating, he shows a comment on YouTube asking how he makes all these great videos; he had made the comment himself, probably for the video.