League of Legends Horse Rap

League of Legends Horse Rap

"League of Legends Horse Rap" is a VideoGameDunkey video released on April 21, 2012. It received over 650,000 hits, over 8,000 likes.

It is apparently about a pro LoL player who ends up in prison for doing crime, but they are eventually released and they wind up on a farm.


Aww, shit

You don't put Dunkey in another rap video and another League of Legends video

Break out the motherfucking toothpaste and pizza rolls

Have this one on me, player

Hecram's your man, I ain't trying to be mean

I got the passive off of Fizz, but now that I'm on the scene

That shit's for little kids and his Q is a joke

That jump is fucking gay, ride against me ya smoked

Clearing wraiths like a felon, when I'm ganking there's no telling

Your mid lane is yelling, too bad he didn't check his spelling

And your buffs are disappearing in a haste 

I lay your champs to waste

Isn't it always the case

You guys remind me of Face off of Nick Junior

Where the fuck is Blue?

I don't got no mana, what's a nigga to do?

Ya better get another dog, I got away with it too

Now saddle me up, let's ride into the sun

Platinum ELO here I come

Carrying these 1300s like I'm Dunn number one

I haven't this much fun since I shot someone

I did 10 years, I begged and I reasoned

And I pleaded and I pout

Then out of the fucking blue, they went and let me out

But it's alright y'all cuz I won't do it again

Did he ask me if I'm mad, I'm gonna do it again

Heckler is insane, kills preordained

With a body count like this, I thought I was playing Max Payne

Now I'm up on a farm, no reason for alarm

Through the locks with charm

Waving to the chickens, "I won't do ya no harm"

You see I'm here on a mission, Dunkstin's checking out

I'm running out of rhymes, that's what it's all about

Subtraction, addition, the gate rattles open

A stampede on all fours, the farmer lost his cattle

But the world is now yours

Be free my niggas

(assorted animal sounds with Dunkey mumbling in the background)