NoNoNo Guy, also known as the Maderfaker Guy and the Loud-comer, first appeared in the legendary Dunkey video known to scholars as "rust". He is depicted as a half-naked bald male with incredible stamina and persistence.

Known to many, NoNoNo Guy is extremely powerful, with known abilities including his incredible "die-move" and his ability to subscribe multiple times. He is known to like Dunkey's movies, and doesn't like copypastereno or zombies. He once claimed to have "freedom", and therefore couldn't be killed, but this was proved false.

The only known persons to have been able to take down NoNoNo Guy are Shrek, Nick (King of the Penguins) and Dunkey himself, when he used his famous "kill-move".

In his first appearance, he attempted to get Dunkey's attention 3 times, shouting "HELLO MADERFACKER" and "NONONO" many times. He was killed every time he approached Dunkey's clan.

Dunkey heard NoNoNo Guy's screams in the video "800k : Return to Rust", and had further hallucinations of him in the video "Backstreet Boys Baby".