Octopus Father

Octopus Father

"Wouldn't be so hard if the game wasn't designed by a real-life fucking Octodad."

Octopus Father is a VideoGameDunkey video released on June 19, 2013. The video features Dunkey playing through the game Octodad. The video currently has over 750,000 views with over 12,000 likes. The description for Octopus Father reads "What's your dad's email?"


Dunkey plays through most of the game Octodad, adding in his humorous and bizarre commentary as he does so. The video also features humorous insertions from other media, such as Super Mario 64 and a clip of an over reacting sports commentator of sorts.

The video starts with Dunkey inserting his own dialouge over the opening cutscene to the game, to which an exchange of "bitch" and "motherfucker" are used. Dunkey then goes on to describe the basic premise of the game in which you play as Octodad, while also vaguely describing the upcoming mission. He also proceeds to skip over the instructions for the game.

Dunkey then heads to the kitchen to retrieve the banana item to progress through the game. It is here that Dunkey establishes the "whore wife", which the character is referred to as such from that point on whenever she appears. He goes into a rage when the banana is kept away from him, flinging objects off the kitchen counter. Dunkey then proceeds to mop the floor and clean out the refrigerator, abiet with some difficulty.

Afterwards, Dunkey proceeds to the living room to obtain the dinner suit, which is being held hostage by Octodad's "dickhead" son. Moments include the collapse of "Jenga" tower, as well as him attempting to kick a soccer ball into a goal. It was the hardest thing Dunkey ever had to do in a videogame, though this could have been an exaggeration. The aforementioned over reacting sports commentator in played during this sequence. Dunkey also watches a cutscene that introduces the Chef Fujimoto character, to which he screams.

Later, Dunkey is seen trying to comfort Octodad's daughter, telling her "don't be fucking dumb" and reassuring her that there are no monsters in her closet and- OH MY GOD IT'S THE GUY! IT'S THE GAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-

Later, Dunkey is seen putting the Octodad decoy together from the components he has collected at this point in the video. Petting of the "dad" ensues as- OH MY GOD IT'S HIM AGAIN BLLLAAAARARARRAAAGHHHH!!!

Chef Fujimoto then challenges Octodunkey to climb a ladder, which cues dramatic music to the challenge. Other stuff happens, someone gets shot maybe and Octodunkey sits down to have dinner with- WAIT YOU WHORE..

And the end occurs.