Petters on the Low

Petters on the Low

"Petters on the Low" is a VideoGameDunkey video released on January 7, 2013. The video received over 500,000 hits and over 16,000 likes, and has been recognized as Dunkey's signature song. The song is also featured in Dunkey's album Dunkey's Album, with the audio sped up to 1.5x speed.

The song is a Red Dead Redemption rap about "the adult eating Happy Meals", a "petter" in the West. The song has since received a fanmade 10-hour version and a fanmade parody with entirely new lyrics, as well as a "Payne Mix" in the 2012 Dunk Awards.

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Am I wrong cuz I wanna get it on till I die

Am I wrong cuz I wanna get a jeaun till I die

Get a beaun till I die, get a seaun till I die

Man, y'all remember me, I'm the biggest nig alive
Petters On The Low Weo Weo John Marston

Petters On The Low Weo Weo John Marston

Ever since I started petting, all the bad men betting

On a dunk ass nigga with no reason or rhyme

But ever since I broke the bank, I spent the proceeds all on cake

And now a fatass piggy gotta flee from the crime

Pet me, pet you, that's the mission we pursue

If the job is done correctly, then they paying what is due

But when the bitches start trippin', when I know my game is slippin'

Imma keep on petting till they sippin' below
Petters On The Low (Nightcore)

Petters On The Low (Nightcore)

You a fucking crow, you a stupid hoe

You are just a doe, man we petters on the low

Food is my appeal for a turk, that's quite a deal

Y'all remember me, I was the adult eating Happy Meals

Chickens in the desert got sand on the feathers

Damn, I don't give a hell
FNWER Petters on the low (Riccy Cover)

FNWER Petters on the low (Riccy Cover)

I have no taste, man I like Kazaam

Slam me, but never ask me to give a damn

Am I wrong cuz I fucking ate it all with my hands (yeah!)

Even on a diet you can still eat a fucking bomb

Old ass nigga from the trailer, "you can't change john"

Snake me, forsake me

Corn flake me, burnt steak me

Milkshake me, unmake me 

In the wild wild west

You can break me but never risk me a stomachache

If I'm hungry you better bake me a fucking cake


  • When Gastrow raps "Imma keep on petting till they sippin' below", the subtitles read "Imma keep on petting till they sippin' in hell".
  • In the "Payne Mix" of the song seen in the 2012 Dunk Awards, Gastrow makes a couple of errors. Instead of saying "sippin' below", he actually says "sippin' in hell". Also, instead of saying "you a fucking crow, you a stupid hoe", he says "you a stupid crow, you a fucking hoe." 
  • The original version uses an edited (non-Tupac) version of Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable) from the Django Unchained soundtrack. Gastrow parodies several of Tupac's lyrics in his song.