Shrek's Row The Fourth

Shrek's Row The Fourth

"Shrek's Row: The Fourth" is a Video Game Dunkey video released on August 20, 2013. The video contains 2 minutes of Saints Row IV gameplay featuring a Shrek-themed parody of Smash Mouth's "All Star". The video has over 130,000 hits and over 8,000 likes.


The video starts with some gameplay from NASCAR: The Game as Dunkey controls a car that is partially invisible, driving in the opposite direction of the racers. He is disappointed upon finding out that he cannot crash into any cars. He then gives the game a 0 out of 10 and asks to "put in Shrek". Saints Row IV gameplay is shown as Dunkey sings a parody of Creed's "Higher" and mentions Shrek several times. The game logo is then shown, except "Shrek" is written in green letters over "Saint". Dunkey then starts singing a parody of Smash Mouth's "All Star" as more gameplay is shown, especially as a green-skinned man is shown streaking, walking around his house, and greeting people (as he is suddenly shot in the leg). 

The continue sequence from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is then shown counting down, but before 0 is reached Dunkey's character is seen driving a tiny car known as the "Shrekmobile" recklessly throughout the streets. The character is then running super fast and jumping several miles at a single bound, all while naked. Dunkey decides to stop and drive the Shrekmobile instead; more footage of his bad driving is shown as messages are shown on the screen:

  • "The Shrek Mobile 2.0 (special edition bitch)"
  • "now in theatres"


  • Dunkey's "All Star" parody was released on the same day as the video on a separate channel (VinnytotheK) as "SHREK AND DUNKEY SLAM JAM". The video is primarily a bit of footage from Mystery Men and the "All Star" music video. Steve Harwell has Shrek's face, Greg Camp has Dunkey's face, Paul de Lisle has Papa John's face, and Kevin Coleman has Donkey's face. The pair of women and the pair of kids both have Will Smith's faces superimposed over theirs, as well as the dog in the burning house. The song has only over 11,000 hits.