Super Duper Street Fighter IV

Super Duper Street Fighter IV

Dunkey album

Dunkey's "album" he promoted at the start of the video.

"Super Duper Street Fighter IV" is a VideoGameDunkey video that came out on January 16, 2012. It has over 140,000 hits and over 3500 dislikes. It is a song sung/rapped by Jason Gastrow about Super Street Fighter IV about characters E. Honda and Hakan, suggestions for a brand-new sequel, and several other off-topic subjects.

It is also put to the instrumental tune of EXILE's "The Next Door (Indestructible)", the theme song for Street Fighter IV


The song starts with Gastrow promoting a "new album" he has coming out, and shows the album to the viewers. It turns to be a copy of Smash Mouth's Astro Lounge with "Smash Mouth" crossed out and "Dunkey" written over the entire album all in red marker. Despite this, Gastrow insists that it isn't Smash Mouth, and that's why he crossed it out.

The song is about Super Street Fighter IV, with Gastrow rapping about his experiences playing as E. Honda and Hakan, but he mentions Queen Latifah, Jack Nicholson, Justin Timberlake, and more.


Hey, it's Dunkey here with my new album I got coming out

It's, uh, it's, as you can see right there

It's not, don't pay attention, it's not Smash Mouth

You see, I crossed that out

God damn what's a man to do

Spending all his money on the same damn shoes

Capcom why you gotta turn a brother on me

We could still be duking it out on vanilla for free

Justin Timberlake

Dunk House

Snoop Rim

Here we go


I've been waiting all of my life for this very moment

I can feel it in the cereal, it must be my destiny

I watched that Queen Latifah movie where her and Jack Nicholson

Had to make a bucket list and had to do everything on the list

It must be my destiny to watch this greatest movie

To sing this greatest song about this fucking piece of shit

Super Duper Street Fighter IV Collector Turbo

10th anniversary Golden slam dunk master's jam

Triple ultimo, Collect them all and eat your bones

HD remix, House made out of dogs and bricks

Ya gotta get this latest, the very final version

I swear to God y'all, this is very last one ever maaaaaade

When I first arrived on the scene 

I was maining E Honda, I was doing him mean 

Always EX-ing those headbutts, always auto-correcting those Ultras 

But then they had to go nerf my man

Now I'm playing with Hakan, oil on my hands

Greasing up, touching men's butts

Looking like a big orange Jabba the Hutt

I can go toe to toe with those tournament cats

Pound for pound, knock em out at the tip of a hat

Exposing all of these professional clowns

But why I gotta pick the gayest nigga in town?

Super Duper Street Fighter IV the video

Buy it on DVD and give all the money to Dunkey

Capcom ya selling your soul

Recycling a game that came out years ago

To find true balance it takes time I know

But perhaps you can add online training mode?

(Let's go)

I'm talking three new stages

One new costume for Dudley

Improved online matchmaking

Actually never mind

That is in the next one that comes out next week